Jinneng Co., Ltd. (Jinneng Group) is a municipal state-owned assets supervision and administration commission. The company is involved in coal production, electricity, gas, new energy, trade, logistics, diverse industries as one of the modern integrated energy group.

In 2013, Jinneng’s operating income was 228 billion yuan, with total assets of 189.6 billion yuan. The company produced 60.27 million tons of coal, with a cumulative coal trade of 340 million tons, 8.59 billion KWH in generated electricity, electricity sales of 7.16 billion KWH, and gas sales of 500 million cubic meters. Total Tax and Profits totaled 9.77 billion yuan with a realized profit of 2.28 billion yuan, ranking first in the provincial state-owned enterprises. That year, Jinneng Group rose to 309th in the world’s top 500 ranking.