China Guodian

China Guodian Corporation is one of the five largest integrated power generation corporations in China. It mainly engages in the development, operation and management of power generation assets. The company is also involved in coal, new energy equipment manufacturing, technology and environmental protection, finance and insurance, materials and logistics. In 2015, China Guodian ranked 343th among the Fortune Global 500.
By 2015, China Guodian’s total installed generation capacity reached 135GW, including 94,637MW of Coal-fired, 16,447MW of Hydropower, 23,030MW of Wind Power, 890MW of Solar Generation and other new energy. The renewable generation accounts for 29.9% of total installed capacity.
By 2015, the total assets of China Guodian reached USD 120.65 billion and sale revenue reached USD 29.76 billion.