EGing PV

EGing Photovoltaic

EGing Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd is listed on Shanghai's stock market (stock code: SH600537) EGing is a high-tech company specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing and selling photovoltaic products, and currently produces 1GW mono and poly silicon solar modules annually. 

In 2008, EGing PV Technology was named “International Scientific Co-operation Base” by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. In 2009, EGing moved from Top 13 to Top 2 on Forbes’ list of ”China’s Most Potential Enterprises Chart in 2008”. EGing’s Research and Development Center undertakes many of the national science and technology development projects and has won more than 170 patents. The function and quality of EGing PV module products are always improving, due to continuous technology innovation and has become a famous brand in the PV industry globally. 

In 2011, the sales of solar modules in the Chinese domestic market were over 200MW.