China Energy Engineering Group


China Energy Engineering Group (CEEC) is one of the largest comprehensive solutions providers for the power industry in China and globally. Their strong capabilities across the full industry chain, especially in survey and design, enable them to provide customers with one-stop integrated solutions and full life-cycle project management services.

Notable projects include the construction of the Three Gorges Project (which has the largest hydropower station in the world in terms of installed capacity), the AC and DC transmission lines with the highest voltage level and the largest number of 1000MW USC generation units.

According to the Sullivan Report, from 2012 to 2014, CEEC engaged in the design and/or construction of power plants with a total on-grid installed capacity of more than 160GW, ranking first in the world; in terms of revenue, the company would have ranked 21st among “The Top 150 Global Design Firms” in 2015 for their design business and 15th among “The Top 250 Global Contractors” in 2014 for our contracting businesses respectively by ENR. CEEC ranked 391st among “The Fortune Global 500” in 2015.

CEEC’s business segments consist of survey, design and consultancy, construction and contracting, equipment manufacturing, civil explosives and cement production, investment and other businesses. In 2012, 2013 and 2014 and the five months ended May 31, 2015, revenue from China amounted to RMB123,232.8 million, RMB136,477.4 million, RMB161,140.8 million and RMB59,208.3 million, accounting for 88.5%, 88.8%, 87.7% and 87.8% of our total revenue, respectively.

In recent years, CEEC’s international business has experienced rapid development and completed milestone projects, such as China’s first overseas nuclear power project, Chashma Nuclear Power Plant (1×300MW) Project Phase I in Pakistan, and EREN SC Coal-fired Power Plant (2×600MW) Project in Turkey which used China’s first exported complete equipment SC coal-fired power generation units. In addition, the Santa Cruz River Hydropower Station under construction is the largest project in Argentina and the largest overseas hydropower project undertaken by a PRC company so far in terms of contract value.

Based on the company’s strong track record, CEEC has successfully established themselves as “Energy China,” a well-known contractor brand name in the international power and infrastructure industries.